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Emergency Eyewash / Shower Station

We offer maintenance and inspection service on previously installed eyewash stations. We alsoEye Wash Station sell new systems. We test and inspect everything relating to these eyewash/shower systems.


8-Point Emergency Eyewash/Shower Station Maintenance

  1. Safety Requirements: Meets OSHA requirements, primarily regulation 20 CFR 1910.151 and ANSI Standard Z358.1-1998, regarding first-aid response to chemical exposures
  2. Mounting: Unit is checked for proper mounting to wall
  3. Exterior Inspection: We inspect the exterior of the unit for cracks and missing parts.  We also clean the unit.
  4. Maintenance: Unit is completely drained, cleaned and refilled with approved preservative
  5. Inspection Certification: At the completion of the inspection, we place a label on the unit indicating the service performed. An eyewash/shower inspection report form is provided to document service.
  6. Regularly Scheduled Maintenance: We automatically track and schedule the service of your unit, eliminating the need for you to contact us.
  7. Safety Guarantee: Maintaining your emergency eyewash/shower units will help provide immediate first-aid response needed in case of an emergency
  8. Employee Safety: Eyewash stations can weigh 100 lbs.  By using our maintenance services, you can eliminate the possibility of employee injuries.  Our service technicians are properly trained in lifting and draining the units.