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First Aid Product 

Even in the safest organizations, accidents do happen.  That’s why we make sure your Respond Employee Health Center is properly stocked with items necessary to care for minor medical emergencies and illnesses.

Your Respond Service Representative is trained to recognize your special needs and assist you in establishing a First Aid and Safety Program which best meets your requirements.  But that’s just the beginning.   We’ll also deliver on-site service to maintain OSHA compliance and keep you ready to respond to virtually any first aid situation.

Our First Aid Stations and cabinets provide a wide variety of products  specifically designed to maximize productivity and eliminate downtime due to minor accidents and employee discomfort.  Our premium quality products include everything from non-drowsy, analgesic tablets specifically formulated for the workplace in tamper-evident packets to first aid care and treatment for cuts & abrasions.   Your representative  can assist you in determining an ideal location for the cabinet and train your employees how to properly use the items.